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Green Fox

Excellent     Pure     Brandy
The process of distillation being completed, as result, gives us a colorless liquid which is usually watered down to give an alcohol content of around 43 up to 45%. These percentages of alcohol are quite suitable and sufficient for the period of ''Sleeping''. In the slang, ''Sleeping'' means natural maturation of pure distilled alcohol. After completed distilling process we leave alcohol liquid in oak barrels. 

The ''Sleeping'' period, provides us with a splendid aroma and excellent natural colors and optimal strength of brandy. Optimally strong to prove nice and traditional pleasure. 
After a period of ''Sleeping'', mainly about 5 years, we finally get it Green FoxTM brandy. 
The final products have 38 up to 43 % of excellent pure brandy. Pure and excellent for consummation.
Limited Edition

The mission: ''Elixir and Pleasure'', it is supposed to be drunk from special small glasses which hold from 3 cl to 5 cl. 
We will also provide these small special glasses to completely round off traditional experience.

PLUM Brandy   43 % vol.
  old pure plum brandy
APPLE Brandy
  40 % vol.
  old pure apple brandy 
  40 % vol.
  old pure quince brandy
  40 % vol.
  old plum brandy with mountain wild juniper
HONEY Brandy
  38 % vol. 
  old plum brandy with natural honey
  40 % vol.
  old plum brandy with chosen mountain herbs
  40 % vol.
  old plum brandy with mountain wild menthe
  40 % vol.
  old plum brandy with mountain honey propolis
GENTIAN Brandy   40 % vol.
  old plum brandy with root of wild gentian
  40 % vol.
  old pure brandy with bark of walnut

Glass Bottles and Packaging

We bottled our Green FoxTM brandy in three glass  bottle sizes: cl,  10 cl  & 70 cl.
The packaging is:

3 x 5 cl   Three small bottles per 5 cl each
  Know your limits - 2 UK units per bottle
10 x 10 cl   Ten bottles of 10 cl each in one box  
  According rules of air traffic approvals
1 x 70 cl   One bottle of 70 cl
  Excellent gentlemanly gift to your friends