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Origin    and    Brand Name
Green FoxTM is based on a centuries -old tradition of the Supurovic family, ( dating back to 1770), from the village Rogacica, near the Bajina Bašta, and town Užice. This region is well -known as a famous part of Western Serbia, famous for its old Plum cultivar plants.

The Brand Name of our all fruit brandies, Green Fox, has arisen from several well -known traditional implications which see foxes as being clever, smart, effective, nimble, wise, perspicacious..., and at the same time in another way, redirecting our imagination onto the fields of green natural products, and excellent brandy made of natural fruits.

Combined two words together: Green & Fox, we have created a recognizable Brand Name, Green FoxTM, pleasant for the ear and famous worldwide. 

The Green FoxTM brandy will master your imagination and senses, become an integral part of your modern lifestyle, while promoting our old tradition: Elixir and Pleasure.

Small glass bottles can prove this perception: quite a small volume to be an Elixir and quite enough to provide Pleasure.  

Green FoxTM has proved to be an excellent, old traditional Serbian Brandy, made 100% of fruits. 
Plum Brandy ( called: Slivovitz ) is primarily produced in Western Serbia, mostly homemade, by a big number of private households.

Over many generations, (the tradition since 1770), today we have new opportunity to combine old receipes and modern technologies, using leading experts' knowledge in the field of manufacturing excellent fruit brandy.

The modern production of the fruits brandy is in its eight generation in the Supurovic family. nowadays under the label Green FoxTM. Please, find out more about centuries-long tradition via History pages.

Distilling process
Collecting the plums is mostly a family event.  When the plums are ripe, the plum tree branches are shaken vigorously causing the plums to drop to the ground. These are collected, taken home and put in various barrels, these days usually made of stainless steel. 

The plums are not crushed, just put as they were picked into the barrels, sometimes squeezed gently, but crushing of kernels is avoided. 

The mixture is allowed to ferment. To produce the best brew nothing else is not added to the barrel. Fermentation is natural and continues for a couple of months producing a heady rich mash of fermented fruit. 

After a period of Fermentation we move on to the next process - Distillation.

Distillation gives the crude product, and clarifying processes complete the liqueur, but aging is required to develop its finer qualities. 

Fermentation and Distillation in our Production line have given us a very high quality of brandy.

The next stage is to take the mash to our distillery line, at some time from November to January. Our own distilery, approved and certified and by Government, approved distillery, where it is mandatory that the mash is distilled twice, firstly in large vat, and then in a much smaller vat.

Our Distillery applies at least double distillation and traditionally the heating is done using wood, as forest waste.

After the distilation process, the result is a colorless liquid which is usually watered down to give an alcohol content of around 43 up to 45%. This percentage of alcohol is quite suitable and enough for period of ''Sleeping''. The ''Sleeping'' means natural maturation of pure distilled alcohol.

During the distilling season, our distillery runs a non-stop operation for almost 24 hours a day, and we have trailers full of barrels lined up.
A good mash will give around 10% of its volume in the finished spirit – perfectly pure, healthy spirit, with a distinct prune aroma, as elixir of life, and as well as being an extremely potent drink. 

After the completion of the distilling process we leave alcohol liquid in oak or mulberry barrels. We keep brandy in wooden barrels for an extra aroma and a golden color. After the period of ''sleeping'', we finally get the Green FoxTM brandy.

The ''Sleeping'' period of time, provides us splendid aroma with excellent natural colours and optimally strong brandy. Optimally strong to offer nice and traditional pleasure. The final products have 38 up to 43 % of excellent pure brandy.

All quantities are made 100% from fruits, ( from plum, apple, and quince ).